The Albion Park Vintage Aircraft & Light Rail tour
Saturday, 11th of December 2004
The anticipated day arrived, something different, a bus trip to see planes. We waited for our bus wondering what would it be, old slow and noisy?

Were we wrong, our deluxe coach supplied by Telfords arrived on time and it was air conditioned and very comfortable.

We left Central behind and headed down the Highway watching the poor souls going to work or sitting in their hot cars. The journey passed quite quickly and before we noticed we were in front of the Australian Historical Flying Museum, Illawarra Regional Airport, Albion Park.

Here lives the Super Constellation (Connie) one of the premium level of air transport of its time, Consolidated Catalina the work horse of may an air force during the pacific war and after, Lockheed Neptune used in many forms from coastal surveillance to weather monitors, Dakota C-47s used for passenger and cargo for many years and many more aircraft were on display.

The Australian Historical Flying Museum members showed as around the planes and the new hangers that are under construction. It was plain to all they are very proud of their Aircraft and they have every right to be. Nothing was too much trouble and every question was answered. The exhibits are magnificent and well worth a trip to see, just stepping on some of these aircraft puts one back in time, what a feeling.

We wish to thank the Australian Historical Flying Museum for their hospitality and kindness and highly recommend the Australian Historical Flying Museum as a must see for all.
Our Coach, we had a very comfortable ride to our destination. Smooth and reliable. Thank you Telfords
The Neptune represents the last era of piston engined bombers, a World War II design concept flying into the 1970s.
Inside the Neptune’s cockpit, notice the sunshades to keep the interior safe form UV. The instrumentation is advanced for a plane of that era.
By the time its career was drawing to a close, the Neptune was beginning to become jam packed with the ever increasing number of 'black boxes' it needed and was replaced by the larger P-3 Orion.
One of the world's best loved airliners, the Lockheed Constellation, Super Constellation and Starliner family overcame early difficulties and uncertainties to become a favourite with international airlines in the 1950s and early 1960s.
Inside Connie, small by today’s standards the Super Constellation represented the best possible in flight, who can remember the BOAC VISCOUNT service.
The new hanger under construction. This will house and allow under cover servicing of a number of the exhibits.
Some people are born into greatness, some have it thrust upon them, others….well they just dream.
Looking out the door of the Lockheed Constellation towards a Cessna that has just landed.
The Consolidated Catalina flying boat and amphibian is properly recognised as being one of the great aircraft of the World War II era. The most widely-used flying boat of the war.
The Catalina operated between 1939 and 1945 in a variety of offensive and secondary roles including antisubmarine, air-sea rescue, mine laying, bombing and transport some are still used as fire bombers and survey aircraft.
Photos courtesy of Ed Sutton
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