Tour around the Sytem
31st March 2001
The time for talk has long been and gone And the time for ACTION has now come .
Red Cars out on the network Traction fans happy inside.
Motors grinding away outside.

To all the HET Volunteers who have worked tirelessly for the past years for this moment

Today - Here we are. Here they are. And this is only the beginning.
First stop W set. This stop F set. Next stop.. U Boat.
Happy little vegemites in Car C3426
7396 at Holsworthy.
7396 at Holsworthy
The mood in 7396 was a little more sedate with the various HET big bosses in this car.
T4527 and C3426 at Holsworthy.
Norm Thomas, one of our six accredited door monitors, aboard T4527 . Versatile also as accomplished chef.
Due to network alterations, the tour was slightly extended to include Hornsby. These photos were taken as the late afternoon sun streaked in. Nobody complained about the extra mileage! ..
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