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THE MILLENIUM TRAIN LAUNCH Posted 30th June 2002!!
After many cancellations and posponements, Cityrail's new Millenium train was finally revealed to the media and waiting public on Sunday 30th June, 2002 in a large public ceremony
In order to provide a display consisting of NSW's electric train generation history, Historic Electric Traction chipped in by repainting vintage car C3102 especially for the event, and also preparing vintage wooden trailer T4279.
Four car Red set "F1" was assembled at Flemington consisting of (Sydney end) C7396, T4527, T4279 and C3102. The contrast between new and old had the desired effect and many people were happy to see the "old girls" on display
After the official political speeches, the Public were able to inspect the Millenium train up close.
However soon it became apparent that the more unusual and interesting item on display was that on the opposite platform.
With many "Dads" taking the opportunity to demonstrate to their kids how they rode to and from work in times before the Millenium was even a dream.
Most were delighted to see the vintage set in such good condition and many even made inquiries about it.
The day was also a regularly scheduled HET workday at Redfern Heritage Centre - so it seemed appropriate to give the officials some "eye candy" to look at as they passed Redfern in the Millenium Train to and from the event, by displaying restored W set car C3708 outside the shed.
1st Generation Bradfeild Car
Sparkling, new and the centre of attention
Reds at Home
1st Generation discription sign explaining where they fit in to the history
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