All the remaining vehicles listed here are "standard" cars in that they are compatible with Set F1. Many will not see use for many years before they are restored. Some will be sold to private groups while others may become static displays at the new Redfern Heritage Centre in 2006.
T4279 under restoration at Redfern. Norm has spent many hours of TLC on this old car
Preserved Parcel Van C3773 (now C3653) at Carlingford in 1986. This car (until very recently) was being used by Cityrail as a Brake Testing Vehicle.
Parcel Van C3653
This vehicle, currently stored at Flemington Maintenance Centre, is in full working order. It will remain part of the preserved fleet and can be attached to Set F1 on special "enthusiast tours". Once no longer required as a brake testing car, it will likely be modified to enable safe accomodation of passengers, and can be used as a standby power car for Set F1 or to "over power" the set if required. It may also be used in filming productions. This car will not be sold.
Tulloch Trailer T4554
T4554 at Redfern Heritage Centre.
This is the only other trailer preserved. It represents the rolling stock manufactured in the 1940s. Restoration on this car was originally commenced at Punchbowl Maintenance Centre by resident staff in 1993. When Punchbowl closed it was moved to Redfern, and has now been placed in the Workshop waiting for completion in mid 2002. It will be used to build set F1 up to four cars, effectively replacing D4052 which requires more major works than does T4554.
Steel Motor C3218
C3218, previously part of the old Set M1, now stored at Redfern Heritage Centre.
The fact that this car even survived, let alone was used as part of Set M1 during the late '90s, was an accident. It holds no significant historical value other than the fact that it is "another old standard car". It was "set aside" at Mortdale in 1990 shortly after a special commemorative trip and sat there protected from the scrapper, as Mortdale was an "all Double Deck" depot.

What is even more of a surprise is that it has staged yet another comeback, and will now be retained indefinitely as a spare car for Set F1. It received "minor restorations" by HET staff in February 2001 and additional works at Flemington prior to it's use in the 75th Anniversary train in March 2001. Whilst it's presentation is far from perfect, it is considered more than acceptable as a "standby car" in the event that another working car fails at short notice.

For the time being it will be retained in working order for this purpose or for where additional cars are required on an F1 Set. The car is now considered part of the F1 Fleet and will not be sold.
Car C7485
C7485 at Redfern. Note that all cars stored at RHC have recently been "repainted" (i.e. the graffiti has been painted out) to make the vehicles stored there appear more presentable to visiting political and other "official" visitors.
This car, originally procured to represent a Tulloch motor and also because it was another 4 motor car, is now no longer on the SRA's preservation list. It is likely that the car will be stripped for parts to maintain C7396, and then sold to interested groups. It was painted in Blue and White as an excercise by HET painters in early 2001.
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