Our New Resident at Redfern has arrived - Meet the L Set
A breif over view of the L Sets
The S sets are a class of electric multiple unit operated by Sydney Trains in New South Wales.
The carriages are  stainless steel and were the first stainless steel double deckers,  and are not air conditioned.
These are currently the oldest in the Sydney Trains fleet, and is the only train in the entire fleet that is not air-conditioned.

Two manufacturers built 509 carriages, based on a largely common design:

359 carriages were built by Comeng between 1972 & 1980.[1] They are externally distinguished by the peaked front of driving cars.
Power cars: C3805-C3986 and C3741-C3765
Trailer cars: T4921-T4987
Driving trailer cars: D4011-D4095

150 carriages built by A Goninan & Co between 1978 & 1980.[2] They are externally distinguished by the flat front of driving cars and lower windows on the upper deck.

Power cars: C3001-C3080
Trailer cars: T4101-T4170

S set (1972-1980)
Most of the S sets have been replaced by Waratahs; however, service expansion will not allow all S sets to be replaced by these trains. The remaining S sets will be replaced by H sets from NSW TrainLink when new Intercity trains are introduced (expected 2019) to replace V sets and allowing some H sets to be reallocated to Sydney Trains suburban services.

Some Specifications:
Drive Car
Seating capacity: 112
Builder: Comeng
Into service: 1972-1980
Number built: 192
Weight: 47 tonnes
Length: 20219mm
Width: 3077mm
Height: 4382mm

Trailer carriage
Seating capacity: 130
Builder: Comeng
Into service: 1974-1980
Number built: 157
Weight: 34 tonnes
Length: 20219mm
Width: 3077mm
Height: 4381mm

But it is an "L" set at Redfern, why are the specs and history for the "S" set.
Well an "L" set is a 3 car "S" set, they are the same in every way just the configuration of the units.
And a  little side note, the Trailer car now at Redfern is the car that the Queen rode in when Her Majesty was out here last. 9 No not Queen the rock group,)
On the way to preservation
Slowly and Safely shunted in to her new home
Arrived, a quick look around to make sure all is well before fininshing the work.
Completed, and put to bed, please do not disturb.
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