The Maintrain Tour
Saturday 18th May 2002
HET on the road again, This time to Maintrain at Auburn.

The Management at Maintrain gave us a very detailed and extensive tour. With only a small team working on the Saturday no area was off limits.

The tour started with transport provided by the bus museum at Tempe, we travelled to Clyde in style. On arrival we were taken to the wheel unloading area, where all incoming wheels are checked and gauged. Then moved to the wheel storage area where new wheels are kept.

Moving on we were taken to the wheel turning area where the large machine that loads, checks and turns the wheels to the finished requirement. This machine has replaced the manual turning and has automated the task to give the high efficiency that Maintrain is noted for.

Next stop was to see the Tangaras being refurbished and repaired. The turn around time in this area was paramount to the success of Maintrain and is closely watched by Railcorp. From here we moved to the brand new fit out centre where a train can come off the line and straight into this centre, it is then completely stripped inside and out. All the seats, doors and windows are removed and repaired or replaced. The outside receives a completed overall and the train is then reassembled and returned to service in record time.

The tour was a great day and much was seen and learnt. Thanks to Maintrain for a great day. But that was not the end of the day for us; we then joined our vintage chariot and headed to the Air Museum at Bankstown. Here we viewed planes of all types including the famous Canberra bomber. We then again joined our vintage bus and headed for a bit to eat at the nearby pub. The meal was very good and enjoyed by all, this topped off a very busy and interesting day that was savoured by all.
The intrepid group who fronted for the in depth Maintrain tour.
Inside the fit out centre, where trains are completely refurbished inside and out in a production line like fashion in record time.
The automated wheel turning machine.
One of the shunters used at Maintrain.
The "other" shunter, bigger, stronger and very very expensive.
Never know what you may see on a HET tour.
Bogies gone, up in the air and ready to be refurbished.
Another view of a silver "up in the air". These are lifted by crane the supports inserted and the bogies are rolled away.
Front view showing the pit under the lifted train.
Separated Tangara to allow access to the sock.
The work shop wheels and motors in the fore-ground and Tangara under repair in the back.
Photos courtesy of Steven Walker
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