The What do the Marker Lights mean?
Before the advent of the large destination boards now seen on the front of the current trains on the system, marker lights were used to identify what line the train was running on.

Each marker light was a double made up of a red and white lens, these marker lights became a feature of the front of the cars. The light configurations shown below are shown looking at the front of the train. The drivers cab is on the right hand side.

Below is a description and example of each line.
West line

Right and left white marker lights, Penrith
Liverpool and Illawarra

Middle and left white marker lights Liverpool, Cronulla, Waterfall
Main North

Middle and Right white marker lights, Hornsby
East Hills

Left, Middle and Right white marker lights, Riverwood,East Hills

Right top and Right Bottom white marker lights, Bankstown

Middle white marker light, This was displayed when the set was going to the workshops for maintenance.
Rear of Train

Left and Right RED marker lights, Two red lights were always displayed at the rear of the set.
All Lights

Here all the lights are shown, no meaning just looks good.
Photos courtesy of Ed Sutton
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