The Memorabilia Page
Take a walk through memory lane
Here we have a collection of old rail memories, take a stroll see how many you can remember.
An old above seat Advert for our Museum.
Early textured seats, imatation cane, up market! Cain seats in 3142.
Tickets Please! How many of us tosed away these tickets.
An old Target Plate, target plate, interesting name?
The Original M1 Target Plate ?
Another Target Plate, when did this name come from.
Interesting name "target Plate", now the whole train is a target.
Where were you when the first Zoo train went on the prowl?
Gone are the days when trains were painted for special events. Here we see the Opra House Special.
Special Events! Here we see support for "Uncle Sam "?You remember the add "You need Uncle Sam, You need Uncle Sam"?.
T4572 withdrwan from service back road Fleminton c/s 1977 C3802 Tulloch on left with drawn F/S C3813 (COMENG) on right collision repairs Stgeorge "Red posters big safe friendly White Posters "Join the great society".
Well, lets play "Pick-a-Set". You will never see an arrangement like this again.This taken at the old Punchbowl Sheds.
Who remembers the old Como station, I don't just hear about it....sure!
So what do we do with trains that seem to reach the use by date...we dump them.
Now I was definatly not around when this was happening...were you?
Yeah, its almost NSW but not quite, a Mexican (VIC) electric car.
Try and do this now, you will open some eyes and have questions being asked
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