Model Show
Another exhibition and HET is on site again, but this time HET arrived with something a little different. It’s the HET model exhibit, and N gauge model. This is a growing project and representation of Carlingford, while not an exact replica it is a work in progress and will take on new objects and personality and the time goes on. This is a team effort and members help is encouraged. The exhibition was at Hawkesbury at Clarendon.

The exhibition was a great success and attracted larger crowds than previous years.
The model depicts a scene simular to Carlingford, and what better to run of this line but an N scale Red Set, yep a brass Red Set!
Over head bridge, trucks, cars, fuel garage and general stores. The model is developing slowly.
A small growing town, early in the life of Carlingford? Who of us can remember the days, the days when every thing was slower and quite.
What is this? Could it be? Yes it is , a Parcel Van, what next?
The exhibit attracted a large number of people interested in the brass Red Set, which performed faultless all weekend.
Reds at rest, awaiting passengers and a little time for people to have a closer look and the models, in a static position.
The model was in the hands of members all weekend. Chris one of our new members is seen here enjoying the set.
With Chris demonstrating the model, other items of interest were also on display. Many photos were displayed and for sale.
The models are very detailed and are made locally, yes, in Australia, go figure. The raw model has features that are left out on some larger scales.
At rest , it was a long weekend for the little Reds. Any rest is appreciated.
There were many other exhibits on display, the models were very detailed and shows the dedication of there owners.
Some of the displays were very hard to get pictures of, the speed at which they were travelling, with the ambient light
From all corners of the world the models came, well at least it appeared so, not the American Indian village in the bottom right corner.
The builders of some of the models have a real sense of humour, take a look and some of the details on this model. But don’t hang around too long.
Photos courtesy of Ed Sutton.
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