Sydney Model Railway Exhibition
October Long Weekend 2011
Over the October long weekend the Sydney Model Railway Exhibition is the place to be, but this year we see the return to Liverpool and the Whitlam Leisure Centre. There were many differeny displays to please every taste. With the live steam models amazing the young and old alike, once you dragged yourself away and entered the hall there were the old favourites and the first time on display models to capture the interest of all.

Once your appetite had been suitably awakened there were many accessory displays to sell you what ever you needed to get your model up and running.

HET had its new HO Scale layout, “Electric Car Sheds” on display to show off the range of Bergs Hobbies Sydney Single Deck Suburban models that seemed to be the hit of the weekend. The following pictures are but a snippet of what was on display, we would like to say to everyone involved a big thanks for a great weekend!
A new dawn, a new sign, and a new model. Unveiling of the new layout, which has taken many hours of work by the dedicated members
The new layout is based on Punchbowl Car Sheds
from days gone by.
The Reds, usually were of great interest, as was the blue livery set. Detail was not only exceptional on the trains but on the buildings also.
What just looks like another building, perhaps a train shed, but on closer inspection it turns out to be a wash shed complete with rotary brushes.
Here we see the front of the sheds, notice the Bradfield parked in the shed!
Another view showing the wash shed. Notice the houses, most layouts show the front of houses, here we see the back yards of suburbia.
A different angle of the backyards and the Bradfield on the move, with Peter keepng an eye on the units.
While some displays seem to over accessorise their models distracting from the real “stars” here less seems more, keeping focus on the Reds.
What else would you be doing on a long weekend? Mowing the lawns, kids playing on swings, yep its a long weekend alright.
Some of the detail around the buildings.
Old Reds, an old Government bus, yep memories,... and we thought it could not get any better…..
Some old favourites were around, the layout Bellbird always generates interest at every show.
Detail on some of the layouts is amazing, you could spend heaps of time just looking at it all.
Some models focus on detail of one scene, the actual length of the model is not important just getting the scene right is what some are about.
Photos courtesy of Ed Sutton.
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