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October Long Weekend 2011
Here are some more of the models that were on display
Casually strolling through the layouts on display, one can loose may hours. Sparse displays lent to the realism of the models.
The detail of the models just gets better each year, this can be attributed to the new accessories available, but largely to the dedication of the builders.
John Deer tractors, Diesel locomotives and early Holdens what could be better!
The variation of the displays was amazing, each offering detail that one could admire for hours. No one could walk away without seeing something that appealed to them.
Outback Australia is a lonely place  never truer words were ever spoken, and this display portrays the outback sparseness.
Back to the relative coolness of vegetation, outback Australia is a model builder’s dream, so much variation, so much canvas to fill.
The clean neat lines of this model gave people something to look at without being cluttered.
Variation in the displays was not only limited to the accessories, the trains themselves also stared and competed for attention.
Yep we all have seen them, if you haven’t your really are missing life, the country station. You can be in the middle of no-where and there it is, like an oasis.
Some layouts were small others were, well, very large. Who would’nt like this in there back room, to be enjoyed regularly.
Some layouts were quiet and some were busy. Some builders were able to pull off the happy medium where while busy it still looks great.
Industrial buildings were a plenty, everything from the local garage, truck and tractor repairs and of course Silos for the country’s life blood, grain.
And then there’s the other models, you know them, the ones the kids put together, the Lego trainset!
It is amazing what can be done with Lego, yes all this is built with Lego blocks, bet your saying your sorry for getting rid of your Lego now. Don’t steal your kid’s either!
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Photos courtesy of Ed Sutton.
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