Model Railway Layouts
Historic Electric Traction
Historic Electric Traction has two model railway layouts available for display.

“Carlo” is an N gauge layout based on the suburban terminus of Carlingford in Sydney.

“Electric Car Sheds” is a HO gauge layout based on the now closed Punchbowl Car Sheds which was located between Punchbowl and Bankstown.
The model depicts scenes similar to Carlingford, and of course an "N" scale Red Set.
Another shot of the Red Set, this time arriving at the platform.
Four car set on “Carlo”. These models are made in Australia and are very well detailed.
What is this? We even have a model of a Parcel Van!
The layout attracts a lot of interest as people can relate the model to the real thing.
The red set at rest, waiting for departure time, it allows people to have a closer look and the models in a static position
The “Electric Car Sheds” layout allows us to be in the public arena until such time as we are able to run tours with the real thing. Here we see the sheds with nearly all roads full.
A Bradfield car leads a four car set out of the shed.
An uncluttered view of the yard and shed. The addition of overhead wiring will change this scene when it is completed.
A pre-production sample of the new Minimodels U-Boat sits in the shed next to a Red Set.
We even can give our trains a wash. Once the paper work is signed off, the factory will go into full production of these fine models. Delivery is expected in 2013.
The U-Boat makes its way through the yard to the shed.
These models will be available through Berg’s Hobbies at Parramatta.
The U-Boat takes to the main line for a test run. The real X101 is in the background.
Photos courtesy of Ed Sutton and Alan Tonks.
Overhead wiring is being installed as time permits. This shot shows the arrival and departure area of the yard with the overhead installed.
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