April 2013
Welcome to our latest News and Updates.

It has been a very busy couple of months - so read on.

After our public meeting on 16th February all those in attendance had a go at Lawn Bowls. Lots of laughs and a bit of fun was had by all. The committee thought that it would be a good idea to do something a bit different. Another “game” will be organised later in the year if there is enough interest shown.

As reported in our last Update the Model Railway, Electric Car Sheds, was on show at the Forestville and Canberra Exhibitions during March. Both shows were well attended and lots of interest was again shown in the layout. The sales stand was also at Forestville and this was well patronised. The layout performed well at both shows except for the “chickens” who have decided to only eat when they are really hungry! Discussions afterwards have revealed a few things that need to be modified to make the layout easier to set up and pack up.

Thanks to all the members who helped out at Forestville and Canberra, your time and effort is greatly appreciated.

We have been advised that the Great Train Weekend at Mt Victoria on the 25th and 26th of May has been cancelled.         

Meanwhile at Redfern work is continuing on Wooden trailer car T4279. Michael is continuing to clean the inside of the car, with the outside to be washed soon. Peter G is now placing new timbers on the deck of the platform luggage trolley and soon a coat of paint should be applied. Peter M and Alex have almost completed the new electrical lead for the U-Boat cars. Once this is complete we will be able to power up the interior lights and have a good look at what work needs to be done on the inside of these cars. First priority will be a good clean up. Our shunting tractor, X101, has been pushed up the priority list with a target date of July having been set for completion of this project. Various members have been assigned tasks to see the finish of all work on this loco.

During March a music video clip was shot by singer Ngariie for her song called “Dirty Hercules” in the area occupied by T4279 and the U-Boat cars. Thanks to Lorraine and Ed for being onsite so that the film crew had access to the building. Go to http://youtu.be/ea_HriZLPiQ to view the video.

During April Mercedes Benz Fashion Week hired the Carriageworks precinct for various displays and shows. HET were asked by Railcorp to provide logistical support to the organisers of the show from Thursday the 4th through to Wednesday the 10th. A major clean was done to roads 6, 7 and 8 in preparation of a show on Tuesday the 9th.

Go to http://youtu.be/hAswVQiRY8U to view the show.

Also go to the Fashion Week website to view photos and other videos that were shot around the Carriageworks area http://australia.mbfashionweek.com/home

A BIG thank you to Peter G who was onsite everyday! Thanks also to Dave, Geoff, Ed and Alan who also gave up their time to help out.

On a sad note we were informed that Historic Electric Traction has lost one of its founding members. Keith Seckold passed away during April. Amongst many roles within rail heritage Keith was also one of the co-authors of the Coaching Stock of the NSW Railways series of books which is regarded by many as “the bible” for research of passenger carriages in NSW.

VALE Keith Seckold.

Well that’s it for now, indeed a very busy couple of months for HET!
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