Has been a little while since and update, sorry I’ve been slack. Here is a reminder of what the X-Class looked like.
The Guys at Redfern have been far from slack, here is the X-Class now. While not total completed, it has come a long way.
The amount of work that has been completed is significant, as you can see here it was dismantled to get at the rust and components needed replacement.
December 2007
With a good portion reassembled, it is beginning to look like a brand new unit. Guys you’ve done a great job.
Inside the cab, still has work to be done, but heaps better that it was. It is now “safe” to walk in without fear of rust giving way.
Another view inside the cab, the controls are now assembled and some of the gauges need to be inserted, but work is progressing.
Getting a paint job? Nope ! Covering up graffiti, these units are to be scrapped but still need to have the rubbish removed/covered up. Keep working Peter.
Still amazes me that mindless morons, risk their lives and spend their money to be able to “Tag” anything they can. Must be extremely rich and bored, or completely stupid.
One of the old reds awaiting her turn under the artisans hands. She will be stripped and lovingly restored to her former glory.
One of the reds that has had a clean up, the paint glistens and the unit would grace any line. Maybe there is work yet, able to climb steep grades, work in tunnels, is this leading somewhere?
Some history is left to die, here we see a couple of 48’s, really the only thing that these (or even just one) could be used for is a static display.
Photos courtesy of Ed Sutton
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