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February 2017
If we thought 2016 was busy, 2017 is going to be even busier!

We can always have more help.

If you are interested in joining HET and working on the Heritage Electric Fleet please go to the Join HET button at the top of the page and follow the directions.
The train will be running 3 Shuttle trips on Sunday 19th March between Cronulla and Sutherland in conjunction with a display of pre World War 2 vehicles at Cronulla.

There was talk that the train would be running from North Sydney, but unfortunately due to track work this WILL NOT be happening.

For all ticket information please go to the Transport Heritage web site to book your tickets,

the link below will take you there.

Transport Heritage NSW

For more news about F1 and its running check back here regularly.

From 10th December 2016 there will be a display at St. James Station detailing the history of the city underground. Jump off your train and have a look in the display cases on platforms 1 & 2.

Further information is available from the Sydney Trains Heritage Events Web Page.

Workday Update

Double Deck Cars

A list of missing electrical parts in motor car C3814 has been sent to Flemington Maintenance Centre. When the parts arrive and have been fitted we can then power up the motor car and trailer and have emergency lights on throughout the train. This will enable us to give the cars a good internal clean.

W Set

We are continuing with the work on the W Set. Geoff, Michael and Alan worked together recently to find an electrical problem on C3702. Once a solution has been found a modification will be made so that C3702 will power up the same as the other motor car, C3708. Work is required on the gutters of both motor cars before the train is released to Sydney Trains for it’s upgrade.


Painting of the roof of the driver’s cab is all that is needed now. The tractor’s number has been sign written on the driver’s side of the cab. The number for the Observer’s side will be added soon. Work continues so that we can have the shunting tractor accredited for use within the confines of the yard.

Around The Shed

The ceiling in the office area is being renewed to help keep our paperwork in a better environment. A new chain for one of the roller doors has been installed and we are currently checking the chains on all the other doors in the building. Some more bird-proofing of the shed has also been done.

Other News

A visit by Sydney Trains technicians has been requested so they can check the condition of other cars in the shed, prior to them being moved to Flemington to be prepared for service.

Model Railway News

Our HO gauge layout, Electric Car Sheds, is now in semi retirement. HET must commit to the running of Heritage Set F1, as well as working on the trains stored at Redfern.
Above are some pictures of the work in Redfern and the Heritage Electric Train, F1 out and about click a photo to enlarge
First picture is T4554 getting a wash. Internal restoration of this car is needed before it can take it’s place in the Heritage Electric Train.

Second is On Wednesday 8th February 2017, Heritage Electric Train, F1, went on a trial trip to Richmond and Emu Plains. The train waits at Richmond as A18 arrives.

Third picture X101 has its identity back! Driver’s side has been done, other side will be done soon.

Number four is Heritage Electric Train, F1 at North Sydney. Six shuttle services were run from North Sydney to the stabling yards next to Sydney Harbour at Lavender Bay, all trips sold out.Sunday 12th February 2017.

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Photos courtesy of Alan Tonks
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