November 2012
Firstly a HUGE apology to regular visitors to the site, it has taken the new webmaster longer to get the hang of working with the website than I had expected but I’m getting there.

More regular updates should start to appear.
The X-Class Cab is coming along well. The driver’s seat and fire extinguisher bracket have been installed.
Inside the X-Class cab, the second person’s seat is back in position and masonite has been put down ready for the flooring to be laid.
The builder’s plates have been refitted to the outside of the cab. Peter made some temporary numbers to see how it will look when finished.
Single deck power car C3102 receives an internal cleanup as part of a project to clean the fleet. Thanks to the efforts of Ian, John and Michael.
Here we see the roof of C3102. Dirt and dust has been on the cars for years and it has been decided to clean up the cars.
A view of the nice clean and shiny roof of C3102.
C3102 after its wash, fantastic how good the car looks now that the dust has been washed away.
Peter is helping Kenny out with the restoration of a luggage trolley.
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Photos courtesy of Alan Tonks
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