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November 2017
Many hands make life easier, and for HET that is so true.

We are a small group who are dedicated to keeping the Heritage electric fleet alive and can always have more help.

If you are interested in joining HET and working on the Heritage Electric Fleet please go to the Join HET button at the top of the page and follow the directions.
The train has been recieving some attention over the last couple of months by HET volunteers and is about to recommence Heritage opperations.

Fully refurbished windows, new lino flooring and a fully stripped back and repainted roof are some of the jobs that have been recently been completed.

The train will be running on Sunday the 10th December with a certain bearded gentleman on board, from North Sydney to the sidings behind Luna Park at Lavender Bay

For all ticket information please go to the Transport Heritage web site to book your tickets,

the link below will take you there.

Transport Heritage NSW

For more news about F1 and its running check back here regularly.

Is on display at St. James Station detailing the history of the city underground. Jump off your train and have a look in the display cases on platforms 1 & 2.

Further information is available from the Sydney Trains Heritage Events Web Page.

Workday Update

Double Deck Cars

The missing electrical parts have arrived and been fitted so we can now power up the cars with the emergency lights on throughout the train. This will enable us to give the cars a good internal clean. As our focus is on other sets at the moment, no more work will be done on these cars for the forseable future

W Set

As we have been concentrating our workforce on other projects, work on the W Set has dropped off recently. Paul and his gang have been making progress with the electrical issues under C3702. Double Deck trailer car T4814 has had alot of time spent on it to sand back numerous coats of paint. It is almost ready for the painting to start. The work on the gutters of both motor cars will resume shortly.


The long restoration project of our little shunting tractor is now complete. The paperwork now starts so that we can have the shunting tractor accredited for use within the confines of the yard.

Around The Shed

New roof sheets have been recently installed, replacing those that were broken. It now means that our cars are alot drier when it rains.

Other News

As part of the Sydney Open weekend some of the shed was open for guided tours. Cars inspected were T4554, C7396, and the W & L Sets. Our X100 shunter and our model railway layout, Electric Car Sheds also made up the display. Over 200 visitors attended on the day. Thanks to all our members who were present on the day. As it was also a schedualed work day, some jobs were done too

Model Railway News

Our HO gauge layout, Electric Car Sheds, is now in semi retirement. Since returning from the Caulfield Exhibition in Melbourne the layout has been set up. Some fine tuning is still to be done, but HET must commit to the running of Heritage Set F1, as well as working on the trains stored at Redfern.

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