Quick update tour of Redfern
Been a little while but here's a quick glimpse of what has been happening at Redfern.

There will be more detailed update soon.

We have been busy with the various ongoing projects, with all working within the projected timelines.

Any questions or request, please mail us.
Yep Christmas in July, they celebrate it in the Blue Mtns , they celebrate it in Sydney why on at Redfern, the Reds’ get lonely too.
A very rare sight outside of the Redfern shed’s, Once common to see the reds head to head now all but a memory
No rest for some, and other you just have to keep working, if you don’t they, like the trains themselves, seize up and rust away, so Dave keep working!
Hard workers need to be catered for, and when lunch time comes around, time to relax, chat and enjoy the barbequed delights.
One of the projects underway, the silvers, clean and restore. Polished stainless steel always looks great when cleaned, it just shines!
Double deckers are also being treated to a restore, first the old paint and any rust/corrosion must be removed. Under coated then fresh paint applied to give a brilliant lustre.
Dedicated, caring, thoughtful, or just asleep, not real sure but they seem to enjoy the work days, and being close to there passion, the Red’s.
Stop work! Conference time, lets make sure all is going according to plan. With Geoff providing guidance its sure to be perfection.
Inside the almost complete X-Class. This has been completely stripped, all parts that needed replacing have been replaced and tested. Wont be long now.
Another shot of the X-Class, Cabin has been remounted, engine cowling refitted and the windows refitted. The engine has been overhauled as the injector system and electrics.
Not all work is one the Reds, the little display set also needs TLS now and then. New additions, tweaking the models and just enjoying the set is all in a days work.
Photos courtesy of Steven Walker
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