The Richmond Show
The annual Richmond Show again was great. The diversity of exhibits was amazing.
The Organisers aim to provide something for everyone, and they do a remarkable job.
There were exhibits of buses, model trains, stationary traction motors, speedway bikes, cottage stalls.
Their ability to integrate a large local flavour always adds to the show.
Look closely at the blue double decker bus, does it look like a local? Not really it’s a Hong Kong bogie rear end, something a little different.
The buses were a very popular, just another way to reflect of this past. While the comfort on the old buses is nowhere near the new buses, the reliability may be a topic better left alone.
Speedway bikes, these machines that run locally, are a handful to control. The fly around a track of reasonable smoothed dirt siding with one foot on the dirt and the other, hopefully, on the bike.
Note well, these bikes have no brakes, they use the compression of the motor to slow down, but the aim is to keep the machine going as fast as possible until the checkered flag.
Keeping with the local flavour, the Hawkesbury radio was on station to provide music and local and overseas news.
The quality of the stalls was very good, there was a range of items to suite any taste. People took the opportunity to browse at their leisure
Model railways were in attendance of course, many took their time to take in the details and very interested in how get started.
Many local groups were on display, old clocks, in original condition and restored. A walk down telephone memory lane was a great hit with people.
The people wandered through the exhibits at their own pace, the varied items on display appealed to all.
The local “cottage” feel was everywhere, no hustle no hurry move on please, just relax look and learn from the many knowledgeable people on site.
Plates, clocks, coffee mugs, on sale here, all with your favourite piece of machinery, trains, trucks, buses, traction engines, everything!
Here is the true meaning about spinning a yarn, with one of these in your home you can have as much yarn as you like, just need the raw product.
Photos courtesy of Ed Sutton
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Models of all types were on display, may made by hand, not pressed out of a factory production line, but hours of dedication to perfection.
The women had heaps to chat about, the items were many, the styles were so many, the credit card, very sore.
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