Here we have some 'snippets" of HET past tours.
CPH Rail Motor No. 1 at Peterson, during a HET excursion to ride the rail motors and inspect the Rail Motor Society's works, which included a trip from Sydney on a specially chartered electric train.
HET's first tour, a relaxing romp around the suburbs in a comfy "V" set. And the pies were great!
Restored set W3 stands at Casula platform during another relaxing HET rail tour
Typical of HET's "Non Rail" tours was a visit to inspect the various disused rail tunnels under Sydney in 1998.
The ladder leading to "Lake St James" the extreme northern end of the half - flooded tunnels under Macquarie St
Some of the tunnel construction was advanced before the decision to abandon the construction.
The absolute end of the tunnels under Hyde Park leading South.
Leading South under Hyde Park. The piles of rubble are now - demolished World War 2 Blast curtains.
This tour also covered inspection of the disused tunnels at North Sydney. 
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