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Amongst the group at Eveleigh the following are just a few of the vehicles restored.

Peter Goodman played apprentice to his 86 year old dad Stan when he took on the almost impossible task of building a standard gauge replica 1889 single man quad bike. this was done strictly from a picture. There are two other known ones in Australia , both authentic and both museums.

At the moment Peter and Stan are helping Ken McCawley restore and rebuild Kens 1914 standard gauge American Fairbanks Morse motor quadricycle (Number 28), some parts were virtually impossible to get and Stan manufactured them himself

According to the Fairbanks Morse Motor Company in America , when finished will be the only working one of its type in the world.

Ken has rebuilt a V.R. four man manual sit on 5’3” push/pull with adjustable axles enabling it be used as standard gauge as well. Mother he rebuilt was a Q.R. Kalamazoo 3’6” and again with axle adjustments to enable it to be used on standard gauge. He has restored numerous single manual push/pulls and currently working on one for a friend.

Jason King restored a U.K. Wickham Gang Car to mint condition and is responsible for the working of signal in the Heritage Bookshop.

Chris Harrison has built 3 Sheffield Quads from scratch and as parts are near impossible to get had many of them manufactured at great expense, one of the Quads was his major work for university exam. He also built a “B” type S.I.C. from scratch. He and Ken built a two man manual push/pull trike which is now on display in the Condobolin Rail Museum.

Peter Goodman has restored a T.I.C. , with several others on the go, just waiting to find time finish them.
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