The Valley Heights Tour
Saturday 13th December 2003
The day began with the first pick up of passengers at Hornsby at 9:20am where a number of tour patrons were waiting. Next stop Central to pick up the rest of the passengers for the trip up the mountains to Valley Heights.

The trip was different and for those who love the sound of a GM singing, it was like music to your ears, to the rest they just went deaf. The CPH travelled well through the suburbs, with windows open and wind blowing through the carriage to cool us down. The CPH motored well up to the permitted speed limit of 80kms to arrive at Penrith on schedule, which was not bad considering we were a little behind when we left Central.

Ahh, the mountains, fresh air, sparkling creeks and hills, big hills! Modern trains today appear not to notice the steep climb up the mountains, they are working hard but we don’t see it. The CPH on the other hand worked very hard climbing the mountains, the driver has the Detroit Diesels wide open and they sounded great, all the way to Valley Heights the CPH performed perfectly. Finally we arrived at Valley heights and slowly moved into the yard were special steps were moved into place to allow passengers to disembark.

The place was alive! With so many displays and people. Our Rail motors were shunted onto the turntable to provide much needed room. There were many displays both static and dynamic, steam locos that gave us a glimpse of yesteryear with short rides and detailed information provided by the staff on site. Being able to climb into a beautifully restored steam engine with someone who could explain every little detail was a highlight for me. Model displays were very impressive and added to the variation of the day.

The time went so quick and about 3pm we were boarding the CPH for the journey home. There was a minor glitch with points at Springwood but this was rectified and we were soon on our way. Again moving through the suburbs of Sydney in a vehicle that turned heads as we motored through the stations. By the time we arrived at Central we all agreed that it was a great day and we were sorry that it had to end. We must thank the Paterson Team who made the day possible and the Team at Valley Heights who made us welcome and put on a very memorable day.
Our Chariot awaits, the railmotor ready to take us on out journey to Valley Heights
Picturesque Valley Heights station
One of the many photo stop opportunities to allows enthusiasts to take that special shot
The day was enjoyed by old and young alike, these are the future, presevation is in there hands
Part of the huge crowd that lined the entry to Valley Heights Yard, and it got bigger as the day progressed.
And the crowd got bigger
Many model displays were on show from these large life like models
Another excellent model which kept the crowds entertained.
Great photo opportunities were available all day with excellent examples of steam power
Again, highly detailed models were a hit with all
The crowds just kept coming
Photos courtesy of Steven Walker and Ed Sutton
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