XPT Centre Tour
Recently HET organised a tour to the XPT Centre and workshops.
The tour was under supervision and guided at at all times.
The tour guides provided any and all answers to the many questions our members asked.
The day was truly great with many insights into the workings of the XPT that were a mystery solved to everyone's satisfaction.
Inside the XPT workshops, clean and organised, the shop provides access to all areas of the trains, thus allowing total maintenance to be carried out.
One of the 12 cylinder engines removed for overhaul. These motors have a scheduled maintenance routine then after his a total rebuild.
One of the reconditioned bogies ready to be entered back into service
The maintenance schedule also includes a full check of the interior, and if anything appears not right it is replaced.
The XPT’s sleeping berths, while many of us will never see the bed on a trip, it is god to know that there is one if needed.
Never know what your like to run into on a tour (not physically run into), a Pacific National 48 class, Hmmm, thought I knew some one who owned a few of these once.
Another view of the reconditioned bogies, all wheels are sized, springs tested, frame tested for any signs of stress or cracking before being passed fit for service.
One of the huge air bags used on the suspension of the XPT, these provide the smooth comfortable ride and stability.
Brut force and finesse, the difference is obvious, sleek and tapered for increased speed and fuel saving, but not up to the standards of Europe or Asian high speed trains.
This shows the reconditioned bogie with the axle painted white after rigorous testing to make sure it conforms to the exacting specifications.
Another picture of the engine, note the water pump lower left of picture, and huge intercooler on right side, keeping the engines cool help prolong the maintenance life.
Motors are cleaned checked and tested via a strict maintenance routine before being refitted to drive car, if it does not meet spec, it replaced with spare and rebuilt.
The working end, the Driver has a clear and uncluttered view of all instruments, the large speedo in always in a prominent position as is the communications.
Photos courtesy of Steven Walker
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Inside the drive car of the XPT, here we see a high volume low pressure compressor.
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